Jan 16th 2023

How to Remove Your CPAP Water Chamber Residue

If you use a CPAP machine, you may wonder why water chamber residue keeps showing up. The residue is leftover water used the night before during sleep therapy.

The residue is a common occurrence you should not worry about — as long as you stay on top of cleaning it.

A CPAP water chamber needs regular cleaning to ensure your machine works properly. The water chamber is the removable container that you fill up with water so that the humidifier works appropriately.

The humidifier improves comfort in use by keeping your mouth or nose from drying out. Since humidification plays a crucial role in CPAP therapy, you must maintain your machine's water chamber.

How to Properly Clean CPAP Water Chamber Residue

Cleaning your water chamber is a simple process. The goal is to remove the residue and keep your machine working correctly. The cleaning process is four different steps.

Step 1

Start with gathering your CPAP cleaning equipment. Use antibacterial dish soap or plain white vinegar, hot water, and a soft cloth for this step. You don't want to use harsh cleansers because this can be hard to remove later or even cause harm to the user.

Step 2

Next, drain any water in the water chamber and remove the tank from the humidifier. Some water tanks can be taken apart for easier cleaning. If your chamber can be disassembled, this can make cleaning easier. However, most chambers are only open.

Step 3

Once the water is out of the chamber, dip the soft cloth in hot, soapy water. Then, use a soft cloth to wipe the inside and outside out.

Depending on the manufacturer, they may recommend diluted vinegar instead. So, make sure to check the instructions before cleaning.

In addition, vinegar is an excellent alternative if you are sensitive to soap.

Step 4

Lastly, air-dry the CPAP chamber before putting it back on the machine. Many manufacturers recommend cleaning the chamber in the morning to ensure it is dry for the following night's sleep.

It must be fully dry before refilling as this reduces the risk of bacteria growth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Changing CPAP Chamber's Water

When cleaning the actual chamber, you can feel unsure when you are supposed to clean it and how often. In addition, you may need help determining when to replace the physical chamber.

Let's clear the air so you can continue sleep therapies peacefully.

When to Replace Your Water Chamber

Over time, the chamber can develop buildup from minerals in the water. It can also crack or become discolored.

If you see any changes to the physical chamber, switch out and replace the water chamber.

How Often Should I Replace the Chamber?

Many CPAP manufacturers recommend replacing the chamber every six months. Your insurance may have this within your plan since you were prescribed a CPAP machine. Reaching out to them for more information on getting a new chamber is essential.

How Often Do I Need to Clean the Chamber?

Many manufacturers and doctors recommend cleaning the chamber frequently. Cleaning the device on a schedule from a few times a week to every day will suffice. Maintaining the machine's chamber will ensure the device's proper function and give you the best sleep therapy.

Staying On Top of Cpap Water Chamber Residue

Remember: Keep your CPAP machine running smoothly by regularly cleaning it! We've outlined our steps for a thorough cleaning so that you can get better sleep in no time. If you need to learn more about cleaning your chamber, reach out to your doctor or the manufacturer of CPAP machines.