Mar 18th 2022

Can You Buy a CPAP Machine without a Doctor?

As CPAP machines are Class II medical devices, the FDA requires a prescription from a doctor or medical provider with a related license for all patients purchasing a CPAP mask, machine, or humidifier. However, a prescription is not necessary to purchase CPAP supplies.

If you have been experiencing difficulties sleeping, you may be wondering whether you suffer from a potentially dangerous sleep disorder, sleep apnea.

Side Effects of Sleep Apnea

  • Snoring
  • Extreme tiredness after a full night’s sleep
  • Insomnia
  • Nightmares
  • Episodes of no breathing
  • Breathing through the mouth
  • No breathing

If you’ve noticed any of these side effects, meeting with a doctor to discuss your condition will help guide you in the right direction of possible CPAP sleep therapy.

Why You Should See a Sleep Specialist

Sleep therapy is designed to improve your sleep experience and health. When you see a sleep therapist, they will help you understand why you are suffering from your sleep conditions. In addition, your sleep specialist will help to educate you on how to increase your awareness of it.

What is CPAP Sleep Therapy?

CPAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure since a CPAP machine increases air pressure in the patient’s throat, preventing the collapse of their airway when breathing in.

CPAP therapy is a treatment that specifically treats patients with sleep apnea that helps them breathe more effectively throughout the night.

Obtaining a CPAP Prescription

Visit a Doctor: Your PCP or a Sleep Specialist

The first step in obtaining a CPAP prescription is going to your doctor's office and scheduling a sleep study. If your doctor determines it is necessary, they will schedule you for an in-office sleep study or a take-home study. Next, you or the doctor will set up the test, and you will fall asleep as you normally would. Your results will be sent to your doctor following the test. After reviewing your results, if you are diagnosed with sleep apnea, your doctor can write you a prescription for CPAP therapy.

While you can see your PCP (primary care physician) for your sleep apnea, that might not suffice to obtain a CPAP prescription. It would be best if you also considered seeing a sleep specialist. They will be able to guide you on the CPAP prescription specifications.

Participate in an Online Home Sleep Study

Sleep studies are now accessible online when you fill out a form to have a sleep study kit mailed to your house. These opportunities will have you virtually meet with a sleep specialist who will be able to review your results, diagnose you, and provide you with a prescription if needed.

Vital Prescription Specifications

Prescriptions are essential to a healthy sleep therapy treatment because they will outline all your specification needs, such as:

  • Sleep apnea diagnosis (obstructive sleep apnea, central sleep apnea, or complex sleep apnea)
  • Type of device (CPAP, APAP, or BiPAP)
  • Recommended mask type (full face, nasal, or nasal pillow)
  • Therapy pressure setting
  • Replacement part schedule

Having this information will guide you in buying the correct device.

Purchasing Your CPAP Machine and Mask

Once you have your prescription, you can start shopping for the machine and mask to serve your sleep therapy best. At, we have a wide array of CPAP machines, mask types, and supplies.

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