Jul 16th 2021

Can CPAP Make You Sick?

It’s a common question for new CPAP users to ask, “Can CPAP Make You Sick?” The answer? Yes, CPAP can make you sick if you don’t clean your equipment daily. Thankfully cleaning your CPAP mask and equipment is a simple process that can be completed with soap and water or a professional cleaner.

Keeping Your CPAP Supplies Free from Germs

Starting and maintaining a CPAP cleaning routine will help keep your items free from germs and bacteria and significantly reduce your chances of getting sick. So now you can stop asking the question, can CPAP make you sick?

CPAP Maintenance Tips

  • Wash the mask, water chamber, and tubing in hot, soapy water daily
  • Submerge the tubing in the water so it’s thoroughly cleaned
  • Wash and soak the headgear and cushion in the soapy water
  • If you’re sick, make sure any mucus and other residual is entirely removed
  • Allow the equipment to air dry
  • Use heated humidifier and tubing to reduce condensation in the machine
  • Only use distilled water to minimize the accumulation of minerals in the water chamber
  • Don’t share your equipment with others
  • Replace supplies as needed
    • Masks – every 3-6 months
    • Mask cushions – monthly
    • Disposable filters – every month

Professional Cleaners

Different types of professional cleaners are available to make cleaning your equipment easier. Instead of daily washing, the professional cleaner does the work for you.

Some available cleaners include:

Can CPAP Make You Sick? - 3 Signs Your CPAP is Making You Sick!

Here are three common signs that your CPAP mask or equipment might be making you sick.

1. You’re Constantly Sick

If you notice that you are sick more often with sinus infections or other illnesses, your CPAP equipment could be the culprit. Germs are everywhere, and it’s easy for them to live inside your mask, tubing, and other equipment (especially where there’s moisture).

2. You Notice a Mildew or Unusual Smell

CPAP masks and equipment often contain moisture. Different types of bacteria grow in damp, warm spaces. If you start to notice mildew or unusual smell, that may be the source of your illness. After cleaning your equipment, make sure it’s thoroughly dried before using it.

3. Your Face is Inflamed or Irritated

It’s common for the oils and dirt on your face to get stuck inside your CPAP mask. When this happens, you’ll notice more skin irritation and breakouts than usual. Make sure to clean your mask regularly.

If you have deep marks on your face, it can be from an improperly fitted mask. If you’re not sure if your mask fits properly, check with a medical professional.

Stay Stocked Up on Your CPAP Equipment and Supplies

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