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Power Solutions

  • Portable Outlet  160W Rechargeable CPAP Battery
    Portable Outlet 160W Universal CPAP Battery (Uninterruptible Power Supply) Keep your CPAP treatment going even if the power goes out with the Portable Outlet UPS Battery. No matter which CPAP machine you use, this product ensures the continuation of your...
  • Replacement Power Adapter - SoClean 2
    Did your SoClean 2 Power Adapter get misplaced or damaged? This power adapter is the same as the one that came with your SoClean 2 and will allow you to plug your SoClean 2 into an outlet.* *this product does not work with the SoClean 2 Go travel...
  • Portable Outlet DC2AC Car Charging Inverter
    The Portable Outlet DC2AC Car Charging Inverter is a multi-functional 12 Volt, Lighter Plug-In, 100 Watt, DC to AC Inverter to charge the Portable Outlet 155W in any vehicle. Always handy during camping/hunting trips, power outages, and anytime...
  • Portable Outlet- Solar Panel Charger

    Portable Outlet- Solar Panel Charger

    $379.00 $379.00
    Portable Outlet - NEW! Solar Panel Charger This foldable system can recharge the new Portable Outlet UPS & CPAP Battery in direct sunlight in only a few hours. 18V-60W Solar Panel Charger Made with durable, efficient Sunpower Gen III Solar...