SunsetFull Face Mask with Headgear - Hybrid System

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This Sunset CPAP Full Face Mask is a solid choice for those who practice sleep apnea treatment. Learn more about the innovative features of this device below.

What Makes the Sunset CPAP Full Face Mask Unique?


A range of unique features sets the Sunset Full Face Mask with Headgear - Hybrid System apart from its competitors. Explore these features below to decide if this is the best mask to suit your sleep apnea therapy needs.

Hybrid Model for CPAP and BiPAP


This Sunset CPAP mask is a hybrid model that is unlike many others on the market. It stands apart because it presents a unique fusion of full face and nasal pillow mask technologies as a hybrid CPAP and BiPAP mask. That means it’s a universal solution for sleep apnea patients. 

Accommodates Your Needs


This Sunset CPAP mask works simultaneously as a nasal interface, oral interface, and combination of the two, so whether you breathe through your mouth, nose, or both, the mask will easily adjust to your needs.

Universal Design


This hybrid mask combines the best of nasal pillows and full-face masks. This Sunset CPAP mask promotes comfort and therapy compliance because it eliminates pressure points on the forehead and across the bridge of the nose, providing supreme comfort. 

Supportive Design and Features


The built-in chin strap on this Sunset CPAP mask provides extra support. This feature makes the mask ideal for mouth breathers. 

Additionally, this mask does not have (or require) forehead support or a traditional full-face mask, so frame pressure, pinch, and leak points do not exist! This design is great news for those who wear glasses, as it allows them to do so comfortably.

Adjustable Headgear


This hybrid model’s headgear is highly adjustable at five separate points, providing a better seal and increased overall support. Furthermore, the quick-release buckles make the mask easy to put on and take off. 

Custom Fit


This Sunset CPAP mask comes with all pillow and cushion sizes (small, medium, and large). This range of sizes and the included headgear make it easy to find your right fit as soon as you open the package.