Sunset Nasal Mask with Headgear - Nasal Aire 2

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Sunset Healthcare Nasal Aire 2 Mask w/ Headgear

While the breakthrough features of the original Nasal-Aire mask were game-changing, the new Nasal-Aire II CPAP & BiPAP Mask is even better. You’ll enjoy:


  • Enhanced performance
  • Ultra-flexible tubing
  • Super quiet exhalation ports
  • Redesigned nasal prongs
  • More comfortable seal
  • Lower sound levels


The Nasal-Aire II comes in six sizes with customizable headgear, making it an ideal product for a wide variety of users.

Sleek Design

The new Nasal-Aire II features a cannula-style mask with laminar flow technology. That means the most efficient and comfortable CPAP therapy you can get. Its ingenious design lets you talk, eat, drink, wear eyeglasses — and even sing — with the mask still on your face.

Improved Comfort

The Nasal-Aire II minimizes all contact with your face, so you can wear it longer and still be comfortable. With virthually no pressure points and no leaks, it’s a CPAP user’s dream come true. 

Easier to Clean

With minimal parts, the Nasal-Aire II is easy to clean and simple to put together. It also comes with a built-in swivel at the end of the tubing to stop kinks and separation from your breathing tube.

Wear Options

With its one-of-a-kind design, you can wear the Nasal-Aire II in a variety of ways — with or without headgear and with or without straps — it’s up to you. You also have the option of channeling the mask tubing down your back, away from your head, or down the front of your body. Your preferred sleep position won’t disrupt the effectiveness of your CPAP therapy.

All the Right Sizes

Nasal-Aire II Mask Packs come with six nasal pillow sizes


  • Extra Small
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Medium Plus
  • Large
  • Extra Large 


Not sure which size will fit best? Just upgrade to a FitPack when checking out. These FitPacks give you all six prong sizes so you can try each one and choose the best one for you.