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Resmed Humidifiers

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Resmed CPAP Humidifier solutions can be utilized with Resmed therapy systems.  Humidification can improve the comfort and quality of treatment for individuals experiencing nasal congestion, tenderness, dry mouth or nasal passages, mouth breathing,   mouth leak, allergies, bronchitis and emphysema.  The human body utilizes a natural humidification process.  When this natural humidification process is hindered it causes discomfort.  The body’s natural humidification process is designed to protect the respiratory system by adding moisture to the air as it enters the lungs.  As the body intakes air through the nasal system, it passes into the airway and becomes warmer and more humid as it approaches the lungs. The nose naturally conserves water by recovering approximately a third of the moisture obtained through each exceled breath.  This conserved moisture is then utilized by applying moisture and humidification to the next breath.  Mouth breathing bypasses the nose, which is a vital part of the body’s natural humidification process.  In addition, positive direct pressure combined with mouth breathing or mouth leak can cause individuals to experience a loss of valuable moisture and increased dry mouth symptoms.  Although humidification is not a necessary part of all positive airway pressure therapy, it is a necessary component for some patients and can resolve symptoms of nasal congestion, dry throat and mouth. 

Some individuals experience difficulty adapting to positive airway pressure, because it is more humid than the body is accustomed to.  The Resmed CPAP Humidifier creates a solution by introducing a less humid climate.  The humidification process offered through Resmed can prevent or reverse symptoms of tenderness and dryness by creating more mucus and thus protecting sensitive tissue.  Resmed CPAP humidifier solutions include warm air humidification.  This offers greater flexibility through the adjustment of heated humidification. User-friendly humidity controls offer customized comfort. The Resmed humidifier can resolve and prevent mouth dryness and discomfort.

Can't find what you're looking for? Contact Us and we'll do our best to get it in stock for you.