ResMed Nasal Pillows Mask with Headgear - Swift II (cannot be purchased without prescription)

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The ResMed Swift II Mask with Headgear is an excellent choice for anyone practicing sleep therapy. A comprehensive account of its benefits and features are listed below.

Benefits of ResMed’s Swift II Mask with Headgear for CPAP Patients

Quiet Operation


The ResMed Mirage Swift II Mask is far quieter than its predecessor-  86 percent quieter. The machine quietly and gently directs air away from you and your bed partner while receiving your CPAP therapy. The mask’s exhalation ports are on the frame instead of the cushion, which promotes quieter operation and an elevated night’s sleep for you and your partner.

Lightweight Design for Travel


Weighing only 2.5 ounces, the Mirage Swift Nasal Pillow won’t weigh you down during rest or travel. This mask can be easily folded and placed in your carry-on bag, thanks to its lightweight design. 

Superior Comfort


Created based on the findings of ResMed’s anthropometric studies, the Mirage Swift II includes an improved design of its original nasal pillows. These pillows provide added comfort throughout use. 

Individualized Features


ResMed knows that every CPAP user is unique. For that reason, they designed the Mirage Swift II Mask with Headgear to include an adjustable rotating pillow sleeve. This feature allows you to choose the best angle that conforms to your unique facial features, providing an individualized fit and supreme comfort.

Find Your Fit with Ease


You don’t need to worry that you will struggle with the fit of this mask. The ResMed Mirage Swift II Mask comes in small, medium, and large size pillows. After finding your perfect fit the first time you use it, you won’t need to readjust the mask for future uses , which is highly convenient. Since this mask fits a range of facial and nasal structures, it is highly adaptable to your needs.



This mask provides the ability to choose your ideal sleeping position. The Swift II Mask features four interchangeable tube positions. These positions are: up, down, left, and right. This feature means superior flexibility and the ability to sleep in whatever position feels most comfortable and natural for you. 

Clear View 


The design of the Swift II full face mask allows you to have a clear line of vision while wearing the mask. This design will enable you to easily read, watch TV, or wear glasses while wearing this CPAP mask with headgear.

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