ResMed Pediatric Nasal Mask with Headgear - Pixi

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The ResMed Pixi Mask with Headgear is specifically designed with the child using it and their parent in mind. The thoughtful and kid-friendly features that this pediatric nasal mask offers are hard to beat! 

Specifically Designed for Children

As mentioned above, the ResMed Pixi Mask with Headgear specifically suits the needs of kids. Children between the ages of two to seven with sleep apnea can use this well-equipped mask. The different features of this nasal mask make it an excellent mask for children.

The ResMed Pixi Mask is Designed for Comfort

Everything about this mask makes it comfortable and easy for kids to wear.

Comfortable Straps 

The Soft Breathe-O-Prene straps are lightly colored and unobtrusive. These straps sit back on the face, leaving a good amount of space between the mask and the child's eyes and ears. This feature reduces irritation and obstruction. 

Minimal Pressure 

In addition, the cushions on the Pixi Pediatric Nasal CPAP mask minimize pressure on the children's sensitive faces without compromising its reliable seal.

Flexible Tubing

The tubing on the ResMed Pixi mask allows air to move to either side of the cushion. Thanks to the two tubing positions, airflow revolves around the sleeping position of the child wearing it. Equipped with Spring-Flex Lightweight Tube, this material stretches and bends with ease so that it won't get caught or dragged as the child moves during sleep.

Easy for Children to Use

ResMed used the knowledge that a child may not be able to adjust the fit of their mask when designing the ResMed Pixi mask. 

Easy Adjustments 

The Pixi's three headgear straps are adjustable from the caregiver's point of view. The mask allows caregivers to see much of their child's face while wearing this mask, making sure their eyes don't become obstructed by it.

Safety Features 

The ResMed Pixi nasal mask has impressive safety features. The quick-release latch ensures that the mask can be taken off quickly, all while retaining desired headgear settings. The emergency latch releases even quicker. To ignite this, pull firmly on the lower headgear strap.

Resources For ResMed Pixi Mask with Headgear 

This mask improves therapy comfort, acceptance, and the overall experience for both you and your child. Feel confident using this mask on your child for effective treatment by referencing the user guide for the ResMed Pixi Mask. You can also make your child feel more excited about using their mask with the Pixi coloring book!