ResMed Pediatric Nasal Mask Assembly Kit - Pixi

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Sleep therapy is a journey for children and parents alike. ResMed designed the Pixi with both in mind, choosing features carefully. They developed a mask with ample comfort making it easy to accept among hesitant pediatric patients recently diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). The ResMed Pixi Pediatric Nasal CPAP Mask improves the overall sleep apnea experience for children.

Parents will be comforted knowing their child is being treated properly and effectively. 

The Pixi CPAP mask comes with a frame and cushion. Headgear must be purchased separately. 

Child-Focused Headgear

The Pixi's headgear is open styled and designed with children in mind. It has soft light blue Breathe-O-Prene straps. The headgear sits on the back of the child's face reducing irritation around their eyes and ears. 

ResMed designed the mask's headgear with three straps to be easy for parents to adjust if a child cannot adjust the fit on their own. In addition, its design is catered to a wide range of ages. 

Kids can still see clearly while wearing the mask, which is emotionally encouraging for both the parents and the child. 

Less Pressure and More Comfort for Little Faces

This pediatric CPAP nasal mask has a soft and comfortable 3D mask cushion encouraging children to wear it. The mask is designed to minimize pressure on little faces without compromising the seal. This advanced pediatric mask provides an excellent seal and forehead support.

Choose Your Sleeping Position

The mask offers two tubing positions. This way, your child can adjust where the tubing lays in relation to the cushion to be most comfortable with their sleeping position. The tubing also stretches and bends easily with the Spring-Flex Lightweight Tube. This design helps decrease catching and drag when the child moves around during sleep.

A Simple Pediatric CPAP Mask 

The Pixi makes everything simpler for pediatric patients with its quick-release and emergency latch. The latch is easy to use without needing to refit the headgear settings. This mask also comes with an emergency latch for quick removal in case of an emergency, requiring only a firm pull on the lowest headgear strap. This is another reassurance feature for parents.