Pürdoux 2 In 1 Premium CPAP Hose Brush

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Pürdoux 2 In 1 Premium CPAP Hose Brush

Keep your CPAP therapy working the way it’s supposed to by keeping your hose clean and dry with the Pürdoux 2 in 1 Premium CPAP Hose Brush.


Whenever water is left to sit in an enclosed space — such as a CPAP hose — you run the risk of mold or algae growing inside. But with Pürdoux’s 2 In 1 Premium CPAP Hose Brush, you can keep your hose clean, dry, and ready for use. 

Brush Components

The Pürdoux 2 in 1 CPAP Hose Brush makes it simple to clean and dry your hose in a short amount of time. This dependable tool comes with all the right features, including: 


  • Soft nylon bristles that won’t scratch your equipment
  • Fits both slim (15 mm) & standard (22 mm) CPAP hoses 
  • A cylindrical shape brush for easy cleaning 
  • 2 microfiber cloth tips for quick drying 
  • A durable carbon fiber stem 
  • 6 extensions that can be assembled and taken apart for convenient storage

What’s Included:

  • Brush with soft nylon bristles
  • 2 microfiber cloth tips
  • Carbon fiber stem (in 6 parts)