Philips Respironics Humidifier Water Chamber - 60 Series

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This PR System One Heated Humidifier Water Chamber is designed for use with all Philips Respironics SystemOne Series CPAP and BiPAP Humidifiers. Two variations are available -- one with a CLEAR lid for 50 Series Humidifiers, and one with a DARK GRAY lid for 60 Series Humidifiers. The chamber can be disassembled for cleaning and is dishwasher safe.

COMPATIBILITY: Two versions of the PR SystemOne Heated Humidifier were produced by Philips Respironics and each requires a different water chamber lid. This Humidifier is designed to work with the newer 60 SERIES Humidifier Chamber only.

(This works with the newer 60 SERIES SystemOne Heated Humidifier includes the words "SYSTEM ONE" embossed on the top of the humidifier unit and have dark gray side panels.)