Philips Respironics DreamStation Go Standard CPAP

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The Philips Respironics DreamStation Go Standard CPAP utilizes premium auto-adjusting technology to make travelling with your CPAP therapy a lot easier.

Features A-flex pressure relief technology. With the clinically-proven A-flex pressure relief technology, the Philips Respironics DreamStation Go Standard CPAP machine enhances the traditional PAP therapy to provide more comfort to users by delivering the right amount of pressure relief.

Designed to accommodate patient movement. The 12mm micro-flexible tubing offers its users an added freedom of movement. It is 58% smaller as compared to that of the standard 22mm performance tubing. With this design, you can easily use electronics, read a book, or watch the TV before bedtime.

(OPTIONAL) Heated Humidifier Many sleep therapy users appreciate the added moisture and humidity provided by heated humidifiers; but most travel CPAP machines don't offer true water based humidifiers or the solutions offered are too big and bulky.  The DreamStation Go with Heated Humidifer is designed as an integrated unit that snaps securely together.  The DreamStation Go Heated Humidifier weights less than a pound when empty and fits nicely into the Medium Travel Kit made by Respironics.  In addition, it can be used with tap water, distilled water or bottled water- making it one of the most convenient, capable humidifiers on the market.

(OPTIONAL) Integrated Battery makes travel fun.  If you spend time camping or off grid, the DreamStation Go's integrated battery is the power solution you need.  DreamStation Go's battery snaps onto the CPAP device to create a single integrated unit with an average run time of 13 hours between charges; and you can even plug your phone/tablet into the USB port on the DreamStation Go so it will stay charged up as well.

This Product Includes...

  • DreamStation Go Standard CPAP Machine
  • 6 Foot Micro 12mm Hose
  • 1 - Reusable Filter
  • Power Cord - 6 Ft
  • User Manual