Fisher & Paykel CPAP Mask Assembly Kit - 406

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Designed for a petite face, the FlexiFit 406 is small, light, and a breeze to use. This mask is ideal for both CPAP and BiPAP users who struggle to find a good fit with their masks. 

Features Include:

  • FlexiFit glider strap 
  • Frosted cushion
  • Silicone seal
  • Maintenance-free diffuser
  • Auto-contouring properties

The assembly kit includes the frame and cushion. Headgear must be purchased separately.

One-Step Fit and Removal 

With the FlexiFit 406’s new strap releases, fit and removal are more accessible than ever! Fisher and Paykel designed these releases to make removal, cleaning, and reassembly easy without adjusting the fit. In addition, the glider strap provides more freedom of movement during the night and prevents the mask from moving around your face. 

The FlexiFit 406 Petite Nasal Mask comes fully assembled, providing an out-of-the-box solution. This mask is an ideal solution for any sleep apnea patient who struggles to find the perfect fit. It is super user friendly, without requiring you to refit your mask after removal or cleaning.

Redesigned Frosted Cushion

Utilizing an exhaustive database of facial specifications and contours, Fisher and Paykel heavily researched to redesign and improve the cushioning and silicone seals on the HC406. As a result, this new cushion eliminates pressure points and creates a better fit.

The seal slides smoothly on the face with a gentle frosted texture that optimizes the seal. This compact nasal mask's cushion also auto-contours to your unique face. 

Maintenance-Free Diffuser

The HC406 channels air away from you and your partner with its advanced diffuser system that disperses the air through fine holes, eliminating noise from air drafts. This allows you and your partner to regain a restful and successful sleep.