Fisher & Paykel Headgear for Forma Full Face CPAP Masks

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This breathable Streach Headgear comes standard on all Forma CPAP Masks.

The headgear is designed to maintain a firm seal without the need for overtightening. A Tri-Glide buckle is included to join the headgear's back straps behind the head.

COMPATIBILITY: In 2016 Fisher & Paykel updated the Glider Straps on all FlexiFit 431, FlexiFit 432 and Forma CPAP Masks. This headgear is only compatible with the newer Glider Strap (Part 400HC219) design which can be found on all currently shipping FlexiFit 431, FlexiFit 432 and Forma masks. Updated Glider Straps are also available for purchase elsewhere on this site.