Fisher & Paykel Full Face Mask Assembly Kit - Forma

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The Forma Full Face CPAP Mask innovatively incorporates a new FlexiFoam Cushion design, promoting a superior seal and added comfort! It also has a larger range of movement than other masks. In addition, its T-piece forehead support and advanced, quiet air diffuser transform your sleep therapy experience.

Leak-Resistant and Smooth Seal

Forma's full face mask's outer silicone seal is frosted to provide a leak-resistant surface with a soft, smooth feel against the skin. With its two-part cushion assembly, the auto-adjusting inner FlexiFoam Cushion molds to a wide range of faces, promoting optimal frame alignment. 

Sliding Glider Strap with Easy Release Cord

With its ingenious Forma's Sliding Glider Strap, the Forma's mask frame secures evenly on the face, minimizing leaks when the head rotates side to side. In addition, it provides freedom of movement and an easy, one-step pull removal. 

Under Chin Design Eliminates Need for Chinstrap

Its under chin design works in conjunction with a crown strap to provide extra stability and maintain the seal, even with jaw movement during the night. This design eliminates mouth leaks and the need for a chinstrap.

Advanced, Quiet, Maintenance-Free Air Diffuser

Fisher & Paykel equipped Forma with an advanced, maintenance-free air diffuser that disperses airflow away from bed partners and minimizes the noise from the exhaust flow.

Choose From Four Sizes

The Forma Full Face CPAP Mask is sold in small, medium, large, and extra-large. Forma's frame fits all mask cushion sizes making it convenient to try new sizes. So, if you want to try a different size, you can just purchase a separate cushion and seal to use on our "one-size-fits-all" frame.

Cleaning Your Forma CPAP Mask

Taking care of your mask correctly is vital to ensure long-lasting life for your equipment. Disassemble the entire mask and use gentle detergent and warm water to wash all parts of your mask. Do NOT use the dishwasher. 

You should wash the mask base, silicone seal, and FlexiFoam cushion insert daily, but the cushion should not be immersed in water. Instead, wipe the FlexiFoam cushion with a damp cloth. The headgear only needs to be cleaned once a week and should be washed in warm soapy water.