DreamStation Cellular Modem, Non-oximetry

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The DreamStation Cellular Modem (Non-Oximetry) is the way the DreamStation models of CPAP and APAP machines transmit sleep data to healthcare providers. This modem is compatible with the DreamStation line of machines ONLY. It is not compatible with any other machines, and also not compatible with the DreamStation Go.

"Oximetry" refers to measuring blood oxygen levels, and transmitting that data. Some insurance companies require this data be transmitted as a measure of compliance. If you're not required to transmit this data, this modem would be a good fit.

About one-hour after turning the DreamStation off, the cellular modem transmits sleep data to a physician or other healthcare provider. This process happens automatically. 

The process can also be done manually in the menus on the DreamStation machine. The modem can also be turned off temporarily by navigating to the My Setup menu and selecting "Modem Off."

It is not necessary to purchase a data plan for this device from a cellular provider.

Compatible DreamStation Series Machines

This product includes:

  • DreamStation Cellular Modem, Non-Oximetry

User Manual

DreamStation Cellular Modem Instructions

Instructions for Use

  1. Locate the accessory door, near the front of the machine on the left hand side.
  2. Open the accessory door.
  3. Insert the modem into the available slot, and apply a little pressure until it snaps into place
  4. Close the door, and the modem is ready to use.

Users With Pacemakers

For users that have pacemakers, it is not recommended that you get within 6 inches of the DreamStation Cellular Modem. It should be considered a cellular device and could interfere with the function of the pacemaker. Please keep your pacemaker more than 6 inches away from the DreamStation.