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  • Fisher & Paykel Mask Headgear - Rose
    The Fisher & Paykel Rose Nasal Mask with Headgear adds a feminine touch to your sleep therapy experience. It features a design that not only minimizes noise but also reduces the chances of expelling air in the direction of your bed partner, providing...
  • Fisher & Paykel Mask Headgear - Simplus
    Fisher & Paykel's ErgoForm headgear is supplied with all F&P Simplus Full Face CPAP Masks. Made of breathable stretch fabric, ErgoForm Headgear is designed to self-locate high on the rear of the head to allow for maximum head movement without...
  • Fisher & Paykel Nasal Mask Assembly Kit - Brevida
    The F&P Brevida is designed to give you confidence in your CPAP or BiPAP therapy, and give you comfort for great night's sleep. This Brevida FitPack comes with adjustable headgear and two soft AirPillow Seals that form a gentle "pillow" of air during...
  • Fisher & Paykel Nasal Pillow - Brevida
    This replacement AirPillow Seal (Nasal Pillow) is designed for use with all F&P Brevida CPAP and BiPAP Masks. Brevida's innovative AirPillow inflates to form a gentle, effective seal on the nostrils; and features side supports on the outside of the...
  • Fisher & Paykel Nasal Pillow - OPUS
    These updated replacement nasal pillows are designed for use with all Opus and Opus 360 (HC482) Nasal Pillow CPAP and BiPAP Masks.   Updated Opus Nasal Pillows feature a new smooth contoured shape designed to keep the silicone seal "off the lip" for...
  • Fisher & Paykel Eson 2 Diffuser

    Fisher & Paykel Eson 2 Diffuser

    $18.00 $18.00
    This Diffuser Cover snaps over the built-in exhalation holes on the Eson 2 Nasal Mask Elbow. It is an optional item that will reduce sound levels by approximately 10 dBA and disperse exhaust airflow when in place. USAGE: The Eson 2 Diffuser Cover...
  • Fisher & Paykel Full Face Cushion - Flexifit 431
    This clear (white) Silicone Seal is designed for use with all Forma (40047X), FlexiFit 431 (HC431) and FlexiFit 432 (HC432) Full Face CPAP and BiPAP Masks.   COMPATIBILITY: The FlexiFit 431 uses only the Silicone Seal while the Forma and...
  • Fisher & Paykel Full Face Cushion and Seal - Forma
    This pack includes the gray FlexiFoam Cushion and clear (white) Silicone Seal used on all Forma Full Face CPAP and BiPAP Masks.   SIZING: The Forma uses a single frame for all sizes, therefore, if you would like to change the size of your mask,...
  • Fisher & Paykel Full Face Mask Assembly Kit - Simplus
    *This assembly kit includes the frame and cushion only. Simplus Headgear can be purchased separately.* With three key components working in harmony, the F&P Simplus CPAP Mask revolutionizes full face mask comfort, fit and ease of use. Simplus's...
  • Fisher & Paykel Headgear for Forma Full Face CPAP Masks
    This breathable Streach Headgear comes standard on all Forma CPAP Masks. The headgear is designed to maintain a firm seal without the need for overtightening. A Tri-Glide buckle is included to join the headgear's back straps behind the head...