• Breas HDM Heat Moisture Exchange for Z2
    A unique alternative to bulky water-based humidifiers. HME filters capture heat and moisture from your sleep therapy air and exhalations, preserving and increasing humidity to prevent your airways from drying out during CPAP therapy. HME filters are a...
  • Breas HDM Filter for Z1 Z2
    These disposable filters from Human Design Medical are designed exclusively for use with Z1 and Z2 series. Disposable filters remove impurities from the air as it is drawn into your CPAP machine to ensure they don't damage your CPAP. USAGE: A filter...
  • Breas HDM Z2 Premium Travel Bag

    Breas HDM Z2 Premium Travel Bag

    $18.00 $18.00
    The Breas HDM Z2 Premium Travel Bag is just the right size for your Z2 CPAP, PowerShell, and accessories. The Z2 Premium Travel bag protects your CPAP from shifts, dings, and bangs inside your suitcase and stores flat when empty.
  • Breas HDM Z1 & Z2 Custom Tube Adapter
    The Custom Tube Adapter attaches to the back of Z1 and Z2 Series CPAP Machines between the air outlet port and the CPAP tubing. With the Custom Tube Adapter in place, Z1 and Z2 Series CPAPs are compatible with HDM's SlimStyle CPAP Tubing, as well as all...
  • 6ft Smooth Bore CPAP & BiPAP Tubing

    Sunset 22mm Standard Tube 6ft

    $32.00 $32.00
    The standard by which all Sleep Therapy tubes are measured, our 6-Foot Smooth Bore CPAP & BiPAP Tubing, with long-lasting rubber end caps, is a great solution for most users. Our CPAP & BiPAP Hose Tubing is made of high quality, long-lasting...
  • Breas HDM Tubing 4ft Slim-Style for Z2
    USAGE: SlimStyle Tubing has a smaller inner diameter than the standard CPAP tubing, it is designed exclusively for use with Z1 and Z2 Series CPAP Machines. The Z1 & Z2 Custom Tubing Adapter is required to attach this tubing to your CPAP machine...
  • Sunset Chin Strap - Ruby Adjustable
    The Ruby Adjustable style Chinstrap, with its flowing single-strap design and ultra-wide comfort bands, helps hold the mouth closed and provides added stability during sleep therapy. Because of the unique, continuous strap design the Ruby Chinstrap is...
  • Sunset CPAP Mask Cleaning Wipes Canister
    The Sunset CPAP Mask Cleaning Wipes Canister includes 62 pieces of wipes used for cleaning your CPAP mask. Oftentimes, cleaning the mask is never a priority for most users. However, do note that you breathe into your mask every night so it is key to...
  • Sunset HCS 6ft Slim Tube

    Sunset HCS 6ft Slim Tube

    $12.99 $12.99
    This is comparable to the ResMed SlimLine Tube. Highly durableStrain relief cuff decreases separation and tearing Virtually no memoryDesigned to be the most flexible tube available Minimal weightOne of the lightest tubes on the market at 2.6 ounces Great...
  • Sunset Chin Strap - Ruby

    Sunset Chin Strap - Ruby

    $20.00 $20.00
    The Ruby Chinstrap's ultra wide bands and unique, continuous flow design provide greater stability with less slippage than many other chin straps. Because the Ruby FIXED SIZE Chin Strap comes in three sizes there is no need for constant adjustment;...