3B Reusable Foam Filter for Luna II Series CPAP Machines

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The 3B reusable form filter for Luna II Series CPAP machines is a cost-effective alternative to disposale Luna II CPAP machine filters. 

About 3B Reusable Luna II Foam Filters

The 3B reusable Luna II foam filters are designed to be used with all Luna, Luna II and Luna G3 Series CPAP and BiPAP machines. 

While they are reusable, they do need to be cleaned on a regular basis. 

Replace the filters whenever there are obvious signs of wear and tear. Most filters last up to 6 months before needing to be replaced. 

Specifications of the 3B Reusable Luna II Foam Filters

The length is 2" with a width of 1.13". These filters are black.