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  1. Somnetics Transcend 365 miniCPAP Auto

    Somnetics Transcend 365 miniCPAP Auto


    The world’s lightest integrated CPAP + heated humidifier.

    For the first time ever, take your therapy and humidifier off-the-grid with the Transcend 365. The Transcend uses real water-based humidification, capable of dispensing humidification only when breathing in, making the system more efficient and giving the user the freedom to take both on the road.

    It's also the lightest CPAP and humidifier combo in the world, weighing in at only 1.69 pounds. It's small enough to fit into any suitcase or travel bag and is designed to go anywhere in the world.

    P10 Battery not included.  Pictured for reference only.

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  2. Somnetics Transcend 3 Auto Travel miniCPAP

    Somnetics Transcend 3 Auto Travel miniCPAP


    The updated Somnetics Transcend 3 miniCPAP features a new shape and design and is more stable on more surfaces than the Transcend 2. It also has a swivel for the hose outlet using a standard hose connection, instead of needing an adapter.

    It's also rugged enough to go anywhere and do almost anything. It's designed to power your CPAP therapy from the remote wilderness (with optional battery) to a five-star hotel and engineered to uniquely satisfy the needs of frequent travelers and those with active lifestyles.

    Try Risk-Free for 30-days! If you don't like your new Transcend 3, you can return it for any reason within the first 30 days of purchase.

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  3. HDM Z2 Auto Travel CPAP Machine

    HDM Z2 Auto Travel CPAP Machine

    List Price: $799.99

    Our Price:   Add To Cart

    The Human Design Medical Z2 Auto CPAP Machine is an improved version of the popular Z1 Auto Travel CPAP machine. It's small enough to fit into the tightest spaces and is designed to satisfy the needs of almost any traveler. The Z2 Auto is also FAA compliant and can be carried on an airplane and used in-flight.

    The Z2 Auto CPAP features waterless humidification that uses the humidity from your breath to provide moisture for your sinuses, mouth, and throat. You'll also be able to use your preferred mask for treatment— and not have to compromise.

    Differences from the Z1:

    • 29% Quieter Motor
    • FREE Q-Tube to Further Reduce Noise
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  4. DreamStation Go Auto Travel CPAP Machine

    DreamStation Go Auto Travel CPAP Machine


    The DreamStation Go Auto Travel CPAP machine by Philips Respironics is a portable version of their popular DreamStation machines. The DreamStation Go is half the size of the other DreamStation machines and includes many travel-friendly features and options such as a USB charging port, battery capability, and micro tubing.

    • Thinnest travel humidifier* 
    • Uses tap or bottled water **
    • Water-saving technology
    • Works with any mask ***

    Heated Humidifier and Overnight Battery SOLD SEPARATELY.

    * When compared against Transcend, HDM Z1, AirMini (does not offer heated humidifier), Devilbiss
    ** Note: The use of portable tap water may require periodic maintenance of the tank base to remove the build up of solids present in portable tap water. Refer to the User Manual for maintenance instructions.
    *** DreamStation Go is equipped with a universal adapter designed to fit all standard 22mm OD connections.

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  5. VirtuCLEAN CPAP Sanitizer

    VirtuCLEAN CPAP Sanitizer


    Clean and sanitize CPAP machine and mask with VirtuCLEAN CPAP and mask cleaner. Use Ozone, not water!

    In 30 minutes VirtuCLEAN kills 99% of bacteria.

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  6. AirMini™ AutoSet™ Travel CPAP Machine

    AirMini™ AutoSet™ Travel CPAP Machine

    List Price: $881.00

    Our Price:   Add To Cart

    The AirMini™ AutoSet™ Travel CPAP Machine is the smallest ResMed machine available today, weighing only 0.66 pounds. This small CPAP uses a small 20W power supply to further minimize the size of the travel unit. Pair the machine with the AirMini™ by ResMed smartphone app to track therapy and adjust machine settings.

    Important: Mask and Tube Compatibility

    Unlike other machines which have universal hoses compatible with any mask, the AirMini™ is ONLY available in package configurations with the specific masks and corresponding tubes.

    The following masks have unique AirMini™ mask setups which are designed to correspond with the travel CPAP device:

    Please Note: The unique venting system built into the included mask has been created to help decrease noise when paired with the HumidX™ humidification component. The design impacts the elbow and the CPAP tube connection, thus the above masks are not compatible on their own if used with the AirMini™ CPAP machine. This purchase includes the proper tube and elbow connection, providing all components needed to operate the system.

    No other hoses or accessories (including humidifiers) are compatible with this device.

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  7. Water Chamber for DreamStation Heated Humidifier

    Water Chamber for DreamStation Heated Humidifier


    The Water Chamber for DreamStation Heated Humidifer from Philips Respironics is the replacement water chamber for the DreamStation Heated Humidifier. The water chamber is designed to be hand washed daily with mild soap and warm water. Once a week, the chamber may be washed on the top shelf in the dishwasher. This user-friendly chamber is easily accessible. Follow these steps to remove the chamber from the humidifier. •Locate the thin tab on the top of the humidifier. •Gently push the tab forward to release the humidifier wall. •As the panel opens, the clear chamber will be found in the center of the unit. •If the water chamber has been filled with water, cautiously remove the chamber with both hands to help prevent water from spilling into the device. Learn More
  8. DreamStation Pro CPAP Machine

    DreamStation Pro CPAP Machine


    The DreamStation Pro CPAP Machine is the advanced fixed-pressure machine in the DreamStation line by Philips Respironics. The DreamStation Pro offers advanced features such as SmartRamp, Auto-Trial, and advanced data tracking. The OPTIONAL DreamStation Heated Humidifier with Heated Tube can be added to increase therapy comfort by adding and maintaining moisture in the therapy air. Learn More
  9. DreamStation BiPAP Auto Machine

    DreamStation BiPAP Auto Machine


    The DreamStation BiPAP Auto Machine is sleek, user-friendly bilevel machine with auto-adjusting pressure. Advanced data is recorded and can be viewed in multiple ways to track therapy effectiveness. Add the OPTIONAL heated humidifier which features an easy maintenance chamber for increased comfort. Learn More
  10. DreamStation Heated Humidifier

    DreamStation Heated Humidifier


    The DreamStation Heated Humidifier by Philips Respironics is the integrated humidifier designed to connect directly to the DreamStation Series Machines in order to provide optimum comfort by adding moisture to therapy air. This humidifier offers a standard fixed heating mode as well as an "Adaptive" mode which automatically adjusts heat and moisture levels. For increased warmth, add the OPTIONAL Heated Tube for DreamStation CPAP Machines. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 65 total

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CPAP Machines are the devices that deliver the pressurized air to the patient for the treatment of sleep apnea. CPAP Machines deliver continuous pressurized airflow to keep the patient’s airway open. You and your physician will decide the best pressure for your individualized CPAP therapy. Modern CPAP machines come with a variety of options depending on the type of machine you select. These options include but are not limited to; heated humidifiers, therapy data tracking, battery power and travel sizes. If you have any questions about what CPAP machine is right for you, please contact us. offers a full line of CPAP Machines, BIPAP Machines, Auto CPAP machines and Travel CPAP Machines including the ResMed S9 Elite CPAP Machine, ResMed S9 Escape CPAP Machine, ResMed VPAP S Machine, ResMed S9 VPAP Auto Machine, Philips System One CPAP Machine, Somnetics Transcend II Travel CPAP Machine and much more.


Can't find what you're looking for? Contact Us and we'll do our best to get it in stock for you.